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Virtual World "Internet Safety"


Internet Safety Through Virtual World (OpenSim)
Instructions are in World
Due June 12th
Criteria - Click Here

Video Production

Final Video - Due May 11, 2012

You are to create a movie trailer for a movie you have made, (Fictitious movie). The movie topic is your choice.
The movie trailer will be no longer than 3 minutes. It must include short scenes from the movie.
You must use the green movie rating screen with a rating of G for all audiences.

Storyboard 10
Camera work 10
Editing 10
Title 10
Video clips 20
Music 20
Overall effect 20
Total 100

Video 1


Atomic Learning worksheet for video.doc Website
The objective of this assignment is to pick an inanimate object and create a 1 minute video about it.
You are to slowly reveal different parts of the object without giving it away. You will reveal the
object in your last scene. Audio may give a hint or distract from what the object is. Make this object
as interesting as possible using all of the film making techniques you have learned.

Podcast Show Due Dates

Podcast 3 - 3/30/2012 - This is your quarterly assessment!

Podcast 2 - 3/23/2012

Podcast 1 - 3/15/2012

Link to Audio Converter

Outline for Podcast Show - 3/9/2012

Podcast outline.docx

Recorded Podcast Intro/Ending

Save to Network folder

Recorded PSA

Save to Network folder ----- and
Post on wiki page by embedding the uploaded mp3 file

PSA for Podcast

Create PSA 30 or 60 sec + - 1 second
Links to resource documents

Audio Assignment.docx
Commercial Critique Sheet.docx - Posted on your wiki page by Friday February 17
Commercial script blank.xlsx - first draft by Friday February 17
Commercial script example 1 and 2.xlsx

Create Podcast Introduction/Ending mp3 file
30 sec long

Critique 3 Podcasts.

Use Podcast Rubric to grade each podcast. Use the outline below to place on your wiki page.
See example here. Podcast Rubric.docx

Podcast Name
Podcast URL
Target Audience
Rubric Score
Link to Rubric


Podcast Alley

Wiki Profile

  1. hyperlink
  2. picture
  3. 2 kinds of headings
  4. table of contents
  5. horizontal rule
  6. bold
  7. italics
  8. embed a video
  9. RSS Feed
  10. 3 other widgets